Bouillon powder Doña gusta de carne

It is the concentrated bouillon powder line that now comes with more substance to make all meals more delicious. Use Doña Gusta in a wide variety of dishes and with great ease, because it is powdered and dissolves faster.

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Base para Arroz con pollo 58gr

Base para hacer Arroz con pollo, Seco o Aguadito.

Contenido: 100g

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Mayonesa Alacena
Mayonesa Alacena

Contenido: 100 cm3

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Pallares Valle Sagrado 500gr

Es una legumbre, fruto comestible de grano maduro, seco y entero, de color blanquisco, que se desarrolla dentro de la vaina de la especie “lunatus var. macrocarpus, o P. limensis”. Es un alimento homogéneo, apto para consumo humano, rico en … Read More

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Dried potato black America 300gr

The dried potato is used as a garnish and accompaniment in different dishes of the Andean countries. It is a substitute product for bread.

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Grilled chicken dressing Tresa 360gr

Garlic, ginger and seasoning dressing. Dressing to prepare “Peruvian grilled chicken” Ingredients: ground garlic, salt, ginger, white vinegar, water, saddle, ground cumin, ground rosemary, ground pepper, flavor enhancer, coloring, preservative and stabilizer. Net content: 360 g Brand: Tresa Origin: Peruvian … Read More

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Amarillin Sibarita sin picante 250gr

Salsa de aji amarillo sin picante.

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Gelatina de Piña 150gr

Postre con sabor a Piña

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Mayonesa Alacena 475gr

Una cuidadosa elaboración con los mejores ingredientes y la receta casera son el secreto del delicioso sabor de mayonesa AlaCena.

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