Peruvian products

The first online store in Europe specialised in Peruvian products. We also have products from Colombia, Ecuador and other Latin-American countries in our catalog.

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Delivery of frozen goods

Que Rico also offers frozen products like Aji Amarillo, Choclo corn and more… To maintain the products frozen during transport we pack them in an isolating bag with dry ice. Dry ice has a temperature of -78°C. Dry ice changes … Read More

Que Rico van Miryam in Delicious Magazine

Aji amarillo paste   Peruvian yellow chillipepper pasta. Medium hot. Contenido 212gr €2,75–€3,25 In winkelmand Cancha corn 500g   Corn for roasting. €3,80 In winkelmand Purple corn 500gr   €3,40–€3,80 In winkelmand   €3,00–€3,50 In winkelmand   €6,00 In winkelmand … Read More