Rocoto 250gr

Rojo, volcánico, explosivo y fugaz.
Este productos por ser congelado solo se envian de lunes a jueves, fines de semana no.

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Lucuma fresh fruit 1unit

Weight between 250gr en 270gr Also known as the guava. The pulp is used to make juices and smoothies. It contains vitamin A, very rich in vitamin B3, which is very essential for correct neuronal function, for the maintenance of … Read More

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Caigua Fresh 2 unites

Cyclanthera pedata is a vine that can be 12 m long; the stems are thin; and the leaves can be up to 24 cm long, palmate or pedate in shape.[2] The small flowers can be greenish or white and are … Read More

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Peruvian Papaya 1 unit

The fruits have a smooth texture and an oblong shape, and can be green, yellow, orange or pink. Being able to weigh up to 20 kg, in most cases they do not usually weigh more than 500 or 600 g, … Read More

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