Que Rico supports the HoPe Foundation

HoPe stands for Holanda-Perú. A foundation that cooperates with the poorest population of Cusco and surroundigs to reduce poverty and provide better education and healthcare.

Que Rico is very impressed with the way the foundation works. The foundation works closely with the local population and local government. The starting point is that the initiative comes from the residents themselves. The goal is for the community to be able to continue the projects themselves in the long run. On the page of the HoPe Foundation you can see a small selection of the projects in which the foundation is involved.

For each order placed in December 2020, Que Rico van Miryam will donate 1 euro to the HoPe Foundation. Of course you can also help the foundation itself by making a donation via their website or by starting a campaign, for example in collaboration with the primary school or people from your area.