Cedron 20gr

Bolsa de hierbas selectas para prepararte tes y mates.

Contenido: 20g

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Emoliente Intertrópico 100gr

Usada por ejemplo en infusiones y para adelgazar y promover la pérdida de peso.

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Intipalka Chardonnay

Peruvian white wine. This wine shows a yellow-green color. Nutty flavors of almond, notes of pear and lime blossom smells dominate. This dry wine has a good pleasant acidity, round juicy mouthfeel, fresh aftertaste. Persistent caudally. An exquisite wine characterized … Read More

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Wasska Maracuya

Preparado en polvo instantaneo para preparar Pisco Sour con sabor a Maracuyá

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Bottle of Intipalka Malbec wine
Intipalka Malbec

Dark Red color. Flavors of chocolate, Cherry Jam, Leather and Licorice. Warm on the palate, notes of cherry and chocolate can be appreciated. The perfect meat companions. Contents: 750 ml

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Hoja de Tila 20gr

20 gram.Hoja de tila para hacer mates.

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Wasskas Limón

Preparado instantaneo para preparar Pisco Sour con sabor a limón.

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Aguardiente Antioqueño without sugar 700ml

Tipical alcoholic drink from Colombia.

Contents: 700ml

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Pisco Tres Generaciones Quebranta

Pisco quebranta. 500ml

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Pisco el Alambique 500ml

Puro Quebranta. 500ml

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