Cedron 20gr

Bolsa de hierbas selectas para prepararte tes y mates.

Contenido: 20g

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Intipalka Chardonnay

Peruvian white wine. This wine shows a yellow-green color. Nutty flavors of almond, notes of pear and lime blossom smells dominate. This dry wine has a good pleasant acidity, round juicy mouthfeel, fresh aftertaste. Persistent caudally. An exquisite wine characterized … Read More

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Jarabe de Granadilla 180ml

Jarabe de la fruta granadina para preparar ricos cokteles…

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Bottle of Intipalka Syrah wine
Intipalka Syrah

Ruby red with violet tones. Fresh aromas of raspberry, sweet spices and a light meet taste typical of this variety. Medium-bodied, well-structured with a wide and fresh attack on the palate. Contents: 750 ml

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