Hydraulic Collagen + Camu Camu 300gr


Contains 98% hydrolyzed collagen, enriched with atomized camu camu to obtain an absorption of almost 100% of the main components and naturally sweetened with Stevia.

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Benefits of hydrolyzed collagen + camu camu

Delays aging.
Strengthens hair and nails.
Improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
It maintains the density of our bones.
Avoid degenerative loss of muscle mass.
Stimulates the formation and regeneration of cartilage.
Improves the resistance and strength of our joints, tendons and linkages.

How to consume hydrolyzed collagen + camu camu from Vitanova.

The recommended amount of collagen intake is 10g per day. Dilute with water, orange juice, smoothies.

It is recommended to rest 1 month for every 3 months of consumption. As any change in our body takes time, the benefits of collagen consumption are no exception, the benefits begin to be seen after 8 weeks of consumption.